Rosemount 1199 Diaphragm Seal System

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Seal System Type
  • Direct Mount
  • Remote Mount
  • Tuned-System
  • Balanced System
Process Connection
  • Flanged: ANSI/ASME, EN/DIN, GOST, & JIS
  • Threaded: NPT, DIN, ISO Hygienic
Process Wetted Material
  • 316L SST,
  • Alloy C-276,
  • Alloy 400,
  • Tantalum,
  • Gold-plated Alloy 400,
  • Gold-plated 316L SST, see PDS for full list of materials
Transmitter Connection
  • Welded-Repairable,
  • All Welded
  • Direct Mount gage or absolute seal system can be used for open or vented to atmosphere tank applications.
  • Tuned-System Assembly order codes can be used to improve performance for DP measurements in closed or pressurized tank applications.
  • Variety of process connections.
  • Quantified performance for the entire transmitter/seal assembly (QZ option)

The Rosemount 1199 Diaphragm Seal safeguards transmitters from various factors including temperature variations, and chemical processes such as corrosion and erosion. This seal requires no mounting hardware. Also, the seal system can be used for several remote pressure measurement applications.

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